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Who We Are

Product Creations Group (PCG) is a network of factories and developers for consumer products. PCG bridges product developers and innovators with retailers and distributors by offering unique turn-key relationship based services.

PCG also provides private label and promotional product sourcing , factory qualification, quality control, and logistics services to ensure top quality and factory direct production costs.

How We Got Started

Product Creations Group was founded and organized by Zachary Martin in 2010. It can be said PCG started much earlier as Zach began developing his first successful product long before PCG was founded. Zach was born in Kansas with an entrepreneurial trail blazing spirit. Zach learned early the key to his passion is connecting his understanding of business to collectively build innovations into real products available to the mass market.

After developing the first emergency cell phone charger in 2009, Zach founded Product Creations Group. The initial product launch sold nearly 1 million units with a successful TV campaign. In 2010 he partnered with key investors and industry giants while establishing professional relationships with international distributors and factories. Since then, the PCG team has taken distribution in-house and continues to expand their network of developers to build more successful innovations and take them to the mass markets.

PCG Vision

Bring innovative product builders and developers together to transform ideas into real-world products and deliver them into the hands of the people who need them.

USA Team

Based in Austin Texas

We have USA based staff members available for support and to manage orders and logistics while ensuring smooth and on-time delivery.
PCG also contracts with independent staff to assist in sales, logistics, graphic design, and project management.

China Team

Based in Ningbo
& Guangzhou

Our team in China includes a team of full-time staff along with additional part-time staff available for larger projects. We also contract with additional independent partners.

Staff Includes:
Sourcing Specialists
Quality Control Agents (In addition to 3rd party QC)
Engineers for electronics, CAD, and Mould tooling
Graphic Artists
Project Managers

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Mailing Address

Product Creations Group
PO Box 9405
Austin Texas USA 78766

Austin Texas

Product Creations Group
6000 Shepherd Mountain Cv
Suite 802
Austin Texas USA 78733

Guangzhou China

Product Creations Group
No.2 Fumin Road
Yingcheng Yingde
Guangdong China
广州市越秀区环市中路301 号怡东大厦506

Ningbo China

Product Creations Group
11/F, Block 1, Financial Center
NO.1 Xuemian Road
Ninghai, Ningbo, China 315600
宁海县跃龙街道学勉路1 号(金融中心)1 号楼11 楼